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Quant or Qual, we're always looking for ways to bring together people and technology to meet your marketing insights needs.

FieldNation is the premier provider of face to face intercept interviewing services in Canada.  With field staff in most major Canadian centres, and the ability to send people anywhere, Field Nation will get the job done.


The FieldNation team has experience executing quantitative intercept studies of all kinds, from 75 sample surveys for a mom & pop, to 7000+ sample studies for a retail customer with locations spread all over Canada.


FieldNation works with the latest in mobile digital survey technology to  give you the ability to execute simple to complex surveys, right at the point of experience, while it is still fresh in the mind of your respondents.  Our survey devices are connected wirelessly to a web server, giving you live topline results, from anywhere you access the internet.



FieldNation can take your screener questionnaire, as simple or complex as you need, put it into our mobile survey devices, and conduct in person recruiting for focus groups or other qualitative research.  We can target specific profiles to suit your needs, and locate where we will have the greatest chance of finding respondents.  

The advantage of in-person recruiting is that you get fresh, real people to give you a true sense of the word on the street, not professional focus group participants recruited from a database just telling you what they think you want to hear.

FieldNation will handle it from programming your screener, to recruiting your participants, to doing  a double check during the confirmation call to ensure they are the people you want in your groups and that they show up  Then we will provide you with participant grids and tables of how each respondent answered your screener.



Every panel has strengths and weaknesses and FieldNation can find those people you need to fill the gaps in your online community. 

We can go onsite to an event or venue that would have a high representation of your target respondent and with a web enabled mobile device we can sign up members right into your panel, on the spot.  


We begin by helping our clients choose where to focus in order to get the most effective boost to their panel or online community. We aim to find the quickest and most cost effective route to filling the gaps.


You love your ideas, but are you sure that your target market does?


FieldNation can go to the streets to test your creative concepts in their element and gather real feedback, from real people.  This approach is especially effective for digital, outdoor media, packaging or other tangible "touch and feel" products. 


FieldNation has access to mobile devices that have large, bright, high resolution screens to display your digital creative as it is meant to be seen.


FieldNation can not only take your product to the street to promote it and spread the word, but we can go much deeper by: gathering valuable feedback, testing different formulations, doing comaprative tests with competitors and overall giving you actionable results.

We can go big with the sample size and low margin of errror with a quantitative study, or we can go deep with qualitative study gathering feedback on a questionnaire and audio, image, or video capture responses,


Or we can go big and deep to get you the best insights.


Do you have a great team, but they just don't have the tools they need to gather the insighs you need?


FIeld Nation can provide your team with 4G/LTE enabled tablets to allow you to gather insights anywhere.  We can set you up to host your own web solution or use our native mobile app for the best mobile research experience. 


Native apps provide the fastest, best looking, and most reliable mobile survey experience.  Collection can continue even if there is little or no cellular or wi-fi signal present.   


Our solutions will truely allow you to collect anywhere, any time.



We are always looking for the next big thing.  If you have an idea on how mobile insights generation can be done faster, better, or in a new and exciting way that puts your brand in the spotlight, we want to talk to you.   We are flexible and not afraid to embrace change when it is for the better.


We feel that insighs gathering is ultimately about bringing people and technology together, right at the point of experience. 


Your customers are interacting with your brand through mobile technology in new ways, let us help you gather insights along the way.  



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