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Here is a sampling of the exciting project work Field Nation has had the opportunity to complete over the years and the amazing clients we partnered with on them.  We would love the opportunity to add your name and project to the list. 

Intercepts & Panel Recruiting

From large scale customer satisfaction surveys at liquor retail stores throughout BC to targeted on the street studies with payday loan store users.  Field Nation has had the privilege of conducting many on site intercept studies for Insights West.   We have also helped with onsite recruiting to add members to their panel.

Intercepts & Onsite Observations

Observational and advertising audit research paired with intercept surveys in the dairy sections in grocery stores, intercept surveys in hardware stores, and multimedia capture and intercept surveys at lottery retailers are just a few of the projects Field Nation has had the opportunity to complete with IMI.

Financial Services Intercepts

Everyone loves new technology, especially us, so we have been excited to work with Burak Jacobson to evaluate new technology through intercept surveys at finanical service institutions throughout Ontario.

Retail Display Audits & Intercepts

Tablets with multi media capture were distributed to our interviewers to first of all take pictures and capture the state of interactive retail displays and then conduct intercept surveys with the customers and staff that interact with these displays in electronics retailers across Canada.

Intercepts & Qual Recruiting

With intercept projects in the: Oil, gas and energy; lotto and gaming, travel and tourism, and health services industries.  Ipsos has been one of Field Nation's most diverse clients.  We have also completed many in person recruits of difficult to find respondents for qualitative projects.

Taste Tests & Traffic Counts

When a startup company wanted to take a milk alternative product to market,  Lux insights partnered with us to test different formulations through a taste test booth and street intercepts to help pick a winner.  We have also conducted large scale traffic counts to determine where tourists go after departing a cruise ship.

Intercepts & MCAPI Hosting

A financial services company wanted to gather customer feedback about a new branch layout before they rolled it out across Canada.  We partnered with Rand Market Research to test the concept in Western Canada markets through in branch intercepts.  We have also provided survey hosting and short term mobile licencing for Rand for some DIY projects they have conducted in Ontario.


I just wanted to let you know that the client is very happy with how the intercepts went, and has had nothing but positive feedback from the venues on the interviews and the overall experience.


Please thank the interviewers for me!  And thanks to you!"

Daile M, Senior Research Manager

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