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A hard-working in person data collection firm based in Vancouver, with big reach.  Field Nation has field staff in every major market in Canada, many in smaller markets, and the ability to develop more anywhere.  Established in 2009, we hit the ground running and quickly grew the team to over 250 interviewers and a fleet of modern mobile research devices.  We offer our clients the full insights gathering package.
Founder and Principal

Don has worked within the marketing and marketing research disciplines for a number of years. Over the course of his career, Don has led several Marketing Research functions including: managing Mystery Shopping programs for several high profile retail, automotive, and financial services clients; as well as working as a research analyst at in the Consumer Insights division of a leading Western Canadian marketing research firm.  Don was also responsible for conceiving, launching and managing the face-to-face field services division at an Vancouver BC based marketing research company. 


Don has been immersed in customer experience measurement, marketing research, and face-to-face practices his entire career, and has worked in mobile research since its inception.  From Palm Pilots through to the latest and greatest web enabled tablets, smart phones and wearables.  He is excited to take what he has learned to the next level with FieldNation.


Don holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Trinity Western University.

WHY choose Field Nation
Here's a few good reasons...

FAST: Because our fieldworkers are mobile-not fixed to one central location, and because of the wireless collection technology we use, we can get you results live from the field.  Much faster than pen and paper.


HIGH QUALITY:  Continuously improving our best practices to provide the best training, accountability, management, and technology.  Our interviewers and their devices always look professional.  People are naturally drawn towards mobile technology.  Mobile digital, or clipboard with reams of paper, which would you rather represent your brand?


EXPERIENCED: We have been providing field services for many years to some of the biggest and best marketing research firms and clients around. We know how to get the data you need.


INNOVATIVE: Constantly looking at and evaluating the latest in mobile technology, we have tech savvy interviewers, and we are using the latest in recruiting methods.


FLEXIBLE: We recommend approaches based on our years of experience past. However we are always open to new or improved ideas, can adjust to accommodate your needs, and scale any project to meet your budget.


HONEST:  From the people we hire, through to the data we receive, and clean. We know you count on it being accurate and reliable.


RELIABLE:  We deliver. We always get the job done, and as long as the project stays within the bounds of what was quoted, we never ask for additional budget.


“We are always interested in talking to you about how we can combine people and technology together to meet your specific marketing insights needs.  So what are you waiting for, let's connect" 

Don Miller, Principal Field Nation

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